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Set-top box and Peoplemeter as a way to measure TV viewing behaviour

The set-top box cannot be used as a way to measure viewingbehaviour reliably. Because what it does is it that it works as aset meter rather than as a peoplemeter. A peoplemeter is supposedto do two things; first, it is supposed to pick up who is watching ata particular point of time and second, it is supposed to pick up whatis being watched at a given moment of time.A set meter like a settop box can tell you what is being watched as a channel if you havea reverse key from a set top box, but it will never tell you who iswatching it per se. So that’s one point about the set-top box. Thesecond is that consumers tend not to switch off set-top boxes fromthe main plug. What they do instead is use the remote of the settopbox to switch off the set-top box. When that happens the lastchannel watched on the set-top box continues to be picked up asbeing on at that moment of time, and continues to be played on aminute to minute basis until the next time the TV is turned on orthe set-top box is put off completely. This means inflated viewingduring a time when there was no viewing at all. So these are two issues that arise from set-top measurements. There are trialsacross various countries on the use of set-top boxes, but finally whatis working is the peoplemeter in conjunction with the set-top box—this is the way that movement forward has actually happened. Withthis, the set-top box can help you in mass sampling, and peoplemeter data can be modelled acording to that of the set-top box togive you even more refined viewership information.The only other problem is that the set-top box is a purchasemade by the consumer in place of the cable operator. So it can skewdata towards a specific socio-economic group or MHI group, or interms of geographical area which can result in inaccuracy in termsTelevision Viewership Measurement: Dilemma & Challenges 19of the overall measurement of the city. But apart from these lacuna,using set-top box data is not a problem.The peoplemeter, on the other hand is one of the most advancedtechnologies. Across the world television is measured largelythrough the peoplemeter. It picks up the switching on and off ofthe TV, the point of time that the channel was on, the channelchange and simultaneously gives information on the person whowatched it. simultaneously with information about the person whowatched it—which household member has actually watched, andwhen he commenced and ended the viewing. The household isgiven a remote that works on the basis of the peoplemeter buttonson it, this allows you to monitor the information completely.The meter is able to pick up the information from the channelthat’s pressed on the remote and passes it on to the meter whichrecords that this is the channel that has been watched. The remoteactually helps the audience in the home who is watching record thesame information, by pressing his or her button assigned on themeter. Each button represents each individual in the home. Whenthe individual presses the button, it enables the meter to know whois watching at a given moment of time. Therefore we know fromthe peoplemeter who is watching at a given moment of time, secondby second.

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