Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I write poems

My first poem:
Title : A soulful tune

i was a mere vulnerable derelict,
but i was devoured by the desire to succeed;
i wanted to get everything;
everything, for a life of bliss.

i deluded myself without a dither
and started a life of depravity.
i made myself scoundrel and led myself astray.
now i am old with bullion of gold
and everything i wanted initially.

i want to boast about myself,
oh! but i am feeling rather abashed and embittered,
not satisfied really. why?

let me speak candidly:
someone is groaning in anguish,
he is no one but my poor soul.
bizarrely, i am ashamed,
feeling myself in abyss of despair.

yes, it is an awry anticlimax.
i have a desire to atone;
alas, father can you grant me absolution?

by Dhiraj Kumar
Copyright ©2007 Dhiraj Kumar

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  1. Thanks brother, for your article on WCF. Really It is very simple, as I was searcing.

    I was doing as same as you shown. I have some problem, so please help me.

    When I was running command
    C:\Proxy>svcutil.exe SampleService.dll

    it was giving some warning like

    Warning: No metadata files are generated. No service contracts were exported.
    To export a service, use the /serviceName option. To export data contracts,
    specify the /dataContractOnly option. This can sometimes occur in certain
    security contexts, such as when the assembly is loaded over a UNC network file
    share. If this is the case, try copying the assembly into a trusted environment
    and running it

    then I change the command and write like this

    C:\Proxy>svcutil.exe /dataContractOnly SampleService.dll
    and run it.

    Then it run but it does not create .wsdl file in proxy folder.

    so again when I run the command given by u
    C:\> Proxy svcutil.exe *.wsdl *.xsd /language:C#

    /out:SampleProxy.cs /config:app.config

    It gives error

    The input path '*.wsdl' does not appear to refer to any existing files.

    So Here I am stopped. I have done all things given by you.
    I know if you help me I will success. So please help me. After a very long
    time I found a Simple article on WCF given by you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vinod Kumar