Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Google came tiptoeing to crawl my blog I caught it !

Hi Google!
How is life!
I always wonder whether you are proper noun or verb or both but one thing I know for sure, you are the greatest Information broker.I see you as a coin having two sides ,with Information seekers on first side and Information providers on the second side.For a long span of time I have been on the first side,and I feel that I owe Information to you.So now I want to know how it feels to be on the second side(Information provider).
I promise I will keep changing roles in the years to come and believe me both the roles are equally enjoyable.
Hey wait! where are you going?I know you are always in hurry and people from all over the world need you desperately 365*24*7 but I care for you.Don't you feel exhausted by constantly providing information to people all over the world.
I would suggest you to take some rest and relax.
Just Chill!
I mean you can do anything like watching telly.I am sure you must have watched local television a lot.why don't you try Indian Television this time.They say Time is money in Mumbai, and I am sure they must have said(or will be compelled to say) that Time is more money in California.So I don't want you to waste time in deciding things like What to Watch and When to watch.I will give you a secret tip.Just Crawl through to know everything regarding Indian television channel's schedule.Do not just go on telling about this website to everyone.It is a Top Secret!It is only for people like us who not only know that there is something called "Time Management" in this world but also practice it.
And last but not the least,Do not forget to distribute my latest article to people around the world once you are back to work.The URL is as below:
Hope to meet you again.
Keep visiting this space!